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Ozuna Defends His Music: 'I Would Never Sing Something Offensive to Others'

It's only been a year since urban singer Ozuna released his first track, growing in an unusual way. His songs and music videos on YouTube (none of which have fewer than 4 million views) have arguably given him a popularity that no other artist on the rise has established in the past five years or more -- and he has made very clear that his career is just beginning.

The 21-year-old Jan Carlos Ozuna represents a genre that has been criticized by many people, that of Latin trap. Its lyrics are quite strong, but he defends it, making sure to use lyrics with a softer tone out of respect to those who listen to his music.

"I sing what society lives in general," the singer told Billboard during a live Q&A on Facebook. “I have a daughter, I have a wife, and I would never sing something offensive to others -- or specifically to offend any women.”

Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise: Ozuna

Ozuna's sucess led to be a first time finalist for the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards (new artist of the year category), and also to be a panelist at the Billboard Latin Music Conferences, where he will be speaking more in depth about urban music.

In the interview, Ozuna spoke about his excitement of being a finalist, his career, the amazing collabs on his very first album, the desire to support poor families through his Odisea Children foundation, and much more. Watch the full interview (in spanish) below and check out who’s going to walk with him the BLMA red carpet:

The Billboard Latin Music Awards are the culmination of the Billboard Latin Music Conference, taking place April 24-27 at the Ritz Carlton Miami Beach. To register, visit

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