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KASEENO Is Taking The Latin Mainstream Music By Storm!

It should come as no surprise that Latin Trap is getting played and created throughout North and South America, but there’s a new sound arising from Miami’s Latin scene. It’s loud, impetuous and infecting all who hear it across the country’s night clubs, streets and sunny beaches.

Most mainstream artist are creating a revolutionary framework, evolving trap with different sounds and strains. But Kaseeno, a fresh Dominican native who was raised in New York, has proven his passion by sparking the trap sounds to the Latin communities in Miami.

Kaseeno has already established himself in the Miami Latin underground, with roughly a decade of street-level experience under his belt, Kaseeno is taking the Latin mainstream by storm with his new project. Kaseeno’s newest released album, Trap Party VOL1 its lead single, “Antonio Banderas,” will detonate a global Latin trap explosion that will permanently alter the business, sound and creative of Latin music.

Three years ago this week, Kaseeno became the first Dominican Latin Artist to release a fully animated video with Caramelo, which depot in the Latin Billboard’s in 2014. It would become one of the hottest Latin singles released that year.

To know more about this Dominican Latin Artist, Kaseeno, check out WELAB Magazine’s October 2017 Print Publication!

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