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Ep.20 | I AM KASEENO | A DAY IN THE LIFE - YOGA Final Video Shoot

Episode 20 of I AM KASEENO gives a behind the scenes look into the making of Kaseeno upcoming new music video of YOGA. I AM KASEENO | A Day in the life is a serious of behind the scenes episodes that provide of a glimpse into Team Kaseeno.

YOGA is a hit single from his new released album, Trap Party VOL 1. "We had some minor setbacks in releasing Antonio Banderas, but there was reason to stop working and moving forward with the YOGA and Hago Lo Quiero projects. Team Kaseeno has big plans for 2018 and plan to take the industry by storm. It is not set in stone but Arte Klub is looking to release YOGA 30 days after the release of Antonio Banderas, which is release on Friday, November 30th.

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