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We are back at it with new music and you know that we have that heat. Not only do we have the heat with the rap music but Kaseeno is dropping that Latin Trap! Now Latin Trap is a new wave to us and had some crazy buzz last year with popular artists doing remixes to some of the top Spanish music to hit the Billboard charts. This is where Kaseeno comes in. With his song YOGA it would be great if an artist from Chicago or Detriot remixed it. The reason being is that we think Kaseeno is on a wave and he is at the top. His music is really dope and I feel that more people need to hear it. Getting into the song YOGA, the beat is nothing less than FIRE and the way Kaseeno uses his bars is crazy! I can tell you right now, we will put our money where our mouth is and bet that Kaseeno can spit with any latin rapper you name. This kid has talent and knows how to brand himself well. We will try to get an interview with him on SNVLIFE RADIO to talk about his views on the explosion of the Latin music in today’s hiphop. Now YOGA is a top song and the visuals are 100 leaving us to give this song a rating of an A. We know that we will hear more from Kaseeno in the future and can’t wait.

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