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HB4 Miami Vice Tubbs Collection FSW18

Just announced Kaseeno is set to be of part of this years Annual HB4 "Miami Vice Tubbs" Collection in Tampa, Florida.


Fri, September 14, 2018

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT


Chakana SoHo

223 South Howard Avenue

Tampa, FL 33606

" Thank you to everyone for all the support over my 10 plus years in the fashion industry. This will be my third collection that I have been working on for the past couple years. This show to me is my graduation ceremony, the theme is from a 80s-90s tv show called "Miami Vice" and the character Rico Tubbs Sr. I used a lot of the old school patterns and cuts from that era. Loose cut hawaiian shirts, sporty but classy pieces. Also, art deco and exotic car printning is used thoughout the collection. " - HBrook

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