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Trap music—a subgenre that has been around since the ’90s and originated from Southern hip hop—is often defined by the hardships of street life. With music trends changing, more and more Latino urban artists are gearing to the genre, and for them, Latin Trap is changing the game. This brings us to a star on the rise called Kasseno. You already know that we are working on some exclusive content with Kaseeno. What can we say about this guy? He has taken Latin Trap to the next level.

“It’s the new expansion that the urban genre needs in the Latin market,”

If you are a fan of an artist that has bars and great swag look no further than Kaseeno. The hit single convertible, now has a video for it that the fans will love. What is next from this superb artist we don’t fully know. Make sure you add Kaseeno to your Spotify playlist and always check with us for the latest in the game. Now we get into the

rating of this single and like always Kaseeno comes in at an A. Being one of our first latin rap stars we want to see him reach for the stars and the way he is going we think that he soon will make it. Even thought latin trap is gaining popularity some say “Latin radio is not ready for this type of music that touches controversial topics.” All we can say is that they will be ready for Kaseeno and what he brings to the table!

Below is his music via spotify:

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