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Miami's Summer Jam " Muevelo Funky " by Latin Artist Kaseeno

Latin Urban Trap artist Kaseeno, has released a new music video for hit single, Muevelo Funky. Despite not knowing whats been said from the language barrier, this track is an absolute slapper and the tropical urban vibes are heavy and is considered by many to be Miami's 2019 Summer Jam.

Muevelo Funky is high in energy and the flow is consistent throughout the entirety of the track. The beat along with the Latin vocals are a great combination and keeps the listener alive.

Video features Dominican Comedian and rising Instagram influencer, El Shampoo Papi Rafezy. Not to mention that the music video that accompanies the track is of the highest quality and assist the fun aspect of the song majorly.

Kaseeno is one of the hottest Latin Trap artist in Miami. He is looking to release his second single, Frozen Fasho featuring Kade Fresco off his new upcoming project, Trap Party VOL2.

Listen Here:

Spotify: Apple Music TIdal SoundCloud

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