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Miami artist Kaseeno is creating a new lane with Latin trap movement

Photo Credit: Nick Vega

Kaseeno is a Latin-American artist out of Miami who’s forging new ground in music. He’s introducing the world to the Latin trap movement, which is a hybrid of hip-hop and Latin music. He’s obtained a loyal following in the Sunshine State and plans to capitalize off this forward-moving momentum through music.

How does Miami influence your music choices and creativity as a Latin artist?

Miami is shaped by many cultural influences and is a diverse, cultural melting pot. Miami is made up of traditional, native and popular Latin American styles of music genres. Each Caribbean island is home to many different styles, most of which were brought to America through Miami and then introduced with the styles popular in the U.S. This is the inspiration behind my project Trap Party Vol 1.

At what point did you discover that your music was translating beyond the studio and the stage?

When I unexpectedly started to receive positive feedback from overseas. Fans from Russia, Europe, and Asia were sending me videos of themselves dancing and reciting the lyrics to songs like “Yoga” and “Muevelo Funky.” It was even more surprising knowing that they were singing in Spanish, which is a foreign​n language to them. That goes to show that music is heard in all languages. The sound and vibe of it has a universal translation of its own.

Talk about the Latin trap movement and its impact in the music industry.

The Latin trap movement is something that’s been transcending for years, but now it’s reached its peak and everyone is embracing it globally. I think it’s great for the culture and it shows how impactful hip-hop is. It’s also one of the factors for the creation of this new sub-genre called Latin trap. As part of the new generation, Latin trap gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in a way we understand and gravitate towards. Now there’s music where only a Spanish speaking, or bi-lingual Latino can listen to, and appreciate it. Latin trap keeps that urban vibe we love and grew up listening to thanks to hip-hop. Artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Jay Z, Jadakiss, DMX, Rick Ross, and Asap Rocky are all great influences in my music.

Photo Credit: Nick Vega

When you first heard President Trump speaking on building a wall to keep Mexicans out of America, how did you feel? Did you transmute that energy into your music?

I felt disappointed but was not surprised. Being a minority can either break or make you grow into a stronger person and gain thicker skin. You have a life-sized costume of yourself, which is what you’re best known for.

How did you come up with the idea to conceptualize a branding technique such as this?

The inspiration came from the animated video “Caramelo.” Our team put a lot of work in making him come to life. I like seeing the way fans react and relate to his character​r. My foundation as an artist has always been about being true to ​yourself and who I truly am as a person. Being yourself has a unique touch already.

Talk about your singles “Yoga” and “Comun Y Corriente,” and any new music you have coming up?

Both singles are featured on my latest project, Trap Party Vol 1, which is available on all major streaming platforms. I really enjoyed shooting the music videos for both songs. “Yoga” was fun, while “Comun Y Corriente” was honest. Go check them out. Team Kaseeno is always in the studio working on new projects. We’re almost done with ​our second project and will be releasing the first single off Trap Party Vol 2 in 2018. Shaaa!

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